We know that different companies and brands have very different challenges and needs. You may need a single piece of video content or a complete creative campaign, pushing your brand into a whole new level of visuals that open up to a new audience and consumer.

Our goal is to help you identify what you need and then guide you through the process, making it fun and straightforward to increase the reach for you or your company. We can take you from early development to final delivery. Or we can only handle editorial if you’ve come off a shoot and already have footage. Our work presented here reflects that scope and flexibility.

We love what we do. And we have backgrounds in the areas we do production.

We’re a creative, full-service production company working with brands and businesses to bring their story and vision to life with beautiful content. 

Creative Development

As a business or brand, you may have ideas and concepts or just some bits of inspiration that you love. We thrive on developing ideas and can help you start from zero or pick up on where you are creatively and develop it into a clear, realized concept, right down to writing the script. It's the beginning of the process to create cinematic magic with story and human connection.


Our team at Black Bear Growls will help you move from the development stage into preproduction. This part of the process includes storyboards, visual moodboards, casting, any location scouting, permits, and everything else needed to get to the point where we're on set calling "Action." Whether it's a big or small production, seeing it all come together is exciting, and we aim to make it fun and as smooth as possible.


We love producing great content for our clients. With a skilled and talented team in place that’s right for your project, both in size and creatively, we’ll compose beautiful visuals while having a great experience. Our team will have everything in place for a productive schedule to get the most out of each day. And for those times when you, the client, are on set, we’ll check in with you throughout the shoot to ensure we continue to align in our efforts.


Our Post-Production services include editorial, sound design and mixing, visual effects, graphics, design elements, and final color. We'll have reviews along the way for feedback.
The companies who have worked with us since the creative development or early stages will find this is a seamless transition. And for those who have come to us for post-production only, we'll develop a clear vision for the project so we all know where we're going.


Our client list represents a wide range of work, from broadcast commercials to social media content. It also represents a range of relationships, working directly with some clients and through agencies with other clients.